8/10 Week Program INFO

2023-2024 Season
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Recreational, Pre-Competitive and Competitive classes offered for all ages and skill levels. 
All days, times and locations are subject to change throughout the season due.


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Baton Twirling

Our baton twirling programs aim to provide the opportunity of a welcoming and safe environment for participants of all ages to discover and develop a variety of fundamental skills.

Remix offers a variety of options for all levels and all ages of athletes to allow them to train in a way that matches their lifestyle, time commitment and priorities.

Recreational PerformanceAthletes will learn a variety of fundamental twirling skills while developing hand-eye and body coordination. Overall development targets agility, balance, flexibility, coordination, body awareness, musicality, strength, and endurance through fun and games. The emphasis of this program is to build a strong twirling foundation, meet others, become physically active and most importantly, have FUN! ​
​Pre-CompetitiveThe pre-competitive program is the most recommended option for new and beginner athletes.
​New athletes will be introduced to the competitive events of baton twirling as well as the Canadian Baton Twirling Federation Badge Skill Development program. This phase will target learning proper coordination and technique as well as build on previously learned skills.
​CompetitiveCompetitive classes are an option for experienced athletes in baton. The competitive program builds on what was previously learned as a pre-competitive athlete and continues to work towards completing the Canadian Baton Twirling Federation Badge Skill Development program. Events become more complex and increase in difficulty. Competitive events may include the use of multiple batons as well as dance and acrobatics. New and different tricks will be blended into combinations and complete routines. Athletes will be taught skills as they progress and develop at their own pace. ​​​​
Athletes will be taught standard fundamentals in dance technique such as ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary and other styles to supplement their baton twirling. This program will help to increase flexibility and learn better body technique and awareness. As the students learn more routines and skills, these will be blended into baton twirling. Athletes will also learn to coordinate their body with the simultaneous manipulation of batons. 
Athletes will begin the acro program by developing the strength, flexibility and coordination required to perform future acrobatic and tumbling skills in support of their twirling. Training is based on the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus and the CANGYM Canadian Gymnastics Artistic Badge skill development program. When athletes are ready, they will learn a variety of acrobatics skills including somersaults, handstands, cartwheels, walkovers, handsprings, aerials and more. ​​
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